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The Issues

In a number of communities across Canada, human health and safety are being put at risk by environmental contaminants. These contaminants are often discovered when industrial and commercial properties are redeveloped or where there is significant off-site movement of contaminants. Pollutants are capable of being spread through the soil, groundwater, by air and surface water.

The Implications

Owners of these contaminated properties must undertake remedial work appropriate to the risk at each site as determined on a case-by-case basis. Factors affecting the cleanup include current and future land use, the movement of contaminants off-site or into groundwater and risks to human health and safety from exposure to these substances.

The cleanup is dependent upon the collection of information to verify the environmental setting and to characterize the sources, pathways and areas impacted by the release of hazardous substances.

How Green-Tech Can Help

Green-Tech assumes complete responsibility for integrating all aspects of the cleanup from beginning to end.

From our initial response to a multi-faceted cleanup of industrial facilities, Green-Tech works closely with regulatory agencies to develop a positive rapport that ensures the project meets all technical objectives in a cost-effective manner.

Using existing regulatory guidelines and risk-based methodologies we identify site specific cleanup criteria for these properties. Special care is always taken to ensure that the cumulative effect of all exposure pathways to all contaminants encountered does not exceed allowable exposure levels based on human and environmental health considerations.

Green-Tech's corporate philosophy includes a unified project management approach to site remediation. Project management techniques are utilized to meet demanding project goals in a complete, timely and economical manner.

Green-Tech prepares a project management plan to outline the basis for the technical approach to the cleanup.

Project management plans typically include:

  • detailed schedules and cost estimates
  • rational used to select appropriate sampling locations, depths, etc
  • procedures including documentation of field sampling operations
  • analysis including chain of custody procedures, sample storage and analytical procedures

By integrating the various disciplines of engineering and technology with practical field experience, Green-Tech's clients are assured realistic and cost-effective solutions to their environmental problems.

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